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Traffic is the life-blood of every online business-there is no two ways about it. You can have the BEST offer or product in the world but without having anyone coming to your website, you aren’t going to make any money...

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Where you can concentrate on building your offers, products and services and WE take care of the “driving traffic to your website” part.

The goal of Jaszdeep Solo Ads is to provide the very best email advertising coupled with world class customer service. We specialize in driving Quality Targeted Visitors to your website while you sit back, relax and watch the results come in!

Why Is My Traffic

Different From Others?

From The Desk Of Jasdeep Singh
London, United Kingdom

All Solo Ads were NOT created equal, I built my list using methods and techniques that 99% of the industry do not. And that's why my results are different to 99% of the rest of the market place.

It can be frustrating not getting results in your business with solo ads and that's because a lot of the traffic and the subscribers are on multiple lists, get mailed about 20 times a day and have been scammed multiple times.

My traffic is an EXCEPTION to this rule because I put 5 months of strategic planning and execution into building it in various ways and ensuring the relationship I have with my list is a unique one.

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How it works

Step 1

Place order

You select your package (the number of unique visitors you desire) and submit the link you want to send the traffic to.

Step 2

Funnel review

I will personally contact you within 24-48 hours to review your funnel and go through everything together to make sure everything is set up right.

Step 3

Ad copy

I will personally review your funnel and tailor write ad copy related to your offer.

Step 4

Awesome results

I will notify you when your campaign begins. You will get awesome results!

Free 7 days follow up sequence!

Get Access To My PROVEN 7-day Follow Up Sequence to EXPLODE Your Results And Engage With Your New Subscribers

"The money is in the follow up..." - All my clients will have the benefit of receiving my personally written PROVEN 7-day follow up sequence which CONVERTS like CRAZY!!

I will personally look at your offer and then write the 7-day follow up sequence , send it over to you and you can plug it directly into your AR account!

Place your order

Regular Clicks (Min 85% Tier 1)


Minimum 85% T1 countries


This list is INSANELY responsive and has PROVEN buyers


Complete Funnel Review


30 Minute “Increase My Conversions” Strategy Session (Value : $299)


7- day tailor-written follow up sequence

Premium Clicks (100% Tier 1)


100% T1 Countries


Complete Funnel Review


30 Minute “Increase My Conversions” Strategy Session (Value : $299)


7- day tailor-written follow up sequence


45 Minute “Scale My Business Up” Strategy Session With Jaszdep Singh (Value $1999)


What are solo ads?
A Solo Ad is an email send-out/broadcast that you BUY from solo ad vendors to promote your product or service. The Solo Ad Vendors are ‘EMAIL LIST OWNERS’ and they charge you PER CLICK to send traffic to your pages using their email lists(using email broadcasts).

It’s a Pay Per Click form of advertising where the CPC (cost per click) is decided in advance and the number of clicks is guaranteed.

Here’s How these ads work:
1. You select a package and place the order.
2. You create a tracking link and send it to me so that I can start sending clicks.
3. You measure the results using your tracking link stats.
Cheap solo ads. $5 for 1000 clicks? Fiverr solos?

Well, there are cheap solos, but then there are also reasons why you should avoid them.

If the CPC is a around 40 cents, it is probably going to be a decent quality click. As the CPCs increase the quality also increases (in most cases) for obvious reasons (Think Toyota versus Rolls Royce).
Anything under 20 cents per click is probably a scam. You’ll end up getting tons of crap traffic which is 99.99% bot traffic.

100% Human Traffic is Not That Cheap.

I’ve been in the industry for a long, long time now; we’ve been serving the solo ads market and the email marketing space for almost 3-4 years now. And I haven’t seen quality traffic at anything under 30 cents.
The higher you go, the better quality you get.

But anything like the deals on Fiverr that sell thousands of clicks for $5, it’s not gonna convert.

Don’t waste your time doing shady stuff. You’re here to build a business not to fail because 1000 clicks for $5 was too damn hard to resist.

Making Thousands of Dollars With Solo Ads?

If you want to make a substantial income with solo ads you need to have a perfect funnel.

Solo ads traffic is cold traffic that you have to warm up and then convert. With a SIMPLE FUNNEL you won’t be able to do it.

Solo ads for MLM – where to buy?

Seriously? Haven’t you read a line on this page? You’re already on one of the prime resources for solos but since you want to experiment (at your own risk) you can also find vendors/sellers in solo ads related FB groups.

Do a quick FB search for ‘Solo Ads’ and you’ll find a few groups easily where you’ll see vendors selling their solos.

But I highly recommend using my service because we filter out the fluff and the scams in the market and get you only the best of the best.

However, that is just my opinion, you’re free to do whatever you want.

Free Solo Ads?

“Is there anything like a free solo ad?” There’s absolutely nothing like a free solo.
There is no free lunch, all right? Clicks are the currency of the internet.

People’s eyeballs coming to your websites is what makes you money. Why would somebody give away such an incredibly valuable resource?

Nobody’s gonna give you a free solo.
What they’re probably gonna do is they’ll run scripts and get you thousands of bot or fake hits on your website, and then try to scam you.

They just wanna get money out of you even if it’s $5 or $10. So there’s no such thing as a free solo ad.

Would solo ads work for me?

Short Answer:
If you want traffic to your offer – YES! You should. These ads are the single fastest way to get traffic to your offers. It is a predictable, fast and scalable way of driving traffic.

Long Answer:
Yes! Again, I love solos and email traffic. It’s fast, efficient and predictable. That is all I want from a traffic source. But, before buying the traffic you must be clear about your numbers. And to do that you need to calculate your ‘Value Per Visitor’.

Value per visitor = The Dollar amount that you get out of each visitor using a sales process.

The Most Money with solo ads is made on the backend. So make sure your sales processes are solid. Let’s say for example you make $1.50 per visitor on your website. Then you can afford to spend as high as $1.49 per click and still turn a profit.

So you need to know what your numbers are before buying ads. If you don’t know what your numbers are yet, don’t worry, all you need to do is run a few hundred/thousand clicks to your offer and you’ll know.
Solo Ads are one of my most favorite ways of generating traffic online.

Approximately how soon after I pay will traffic start flowing?

Within 24h hours (usually sooner)

You will be notified by email

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