Secure Your Very Own Chunk Of Online Real Estate
The Shocking Truth Behind Why FB Ads Are Slowly Dying... And How A New Innovative ApproachTo Online Traffic Is Changing Everything...
Watch The Video To Find Out How A Uniquely Powerful Approach To Turning Leads Into Paying Customers Is Changing The Game And Why Most Marketers Are Missing Out!
An Open Letter To Anyone Struggling To Find Leads That Convert Into Sales..

Internet marketers are spending tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on paid advertising (like Facebook) and very few are getting any results! You might even be one of them…

Let me ask you a serious question...

Does this pattern sound familiar to you?

You join a new program and you're pretty damn excited about it!

You followed all the training and steps to a tee to get set up and you’re now ready to start making those big income claims you saw everyone talking about on the sales page...

It’s a “done for you” system so all you need to do is drive “traffic”...

So you utilize the “recommended traffic sources” in the back office, follow exactly what you have been told to do, and got all your campaigns up and running..

But the one thing that keeps eluding you is the ability to turn this traffic and these deadbeat leads into paying customers...

...You don’t ever actually make any CASH..

The bottom line is, your lacking sales, and that’s the ONE thing you really need to start changing your current situation, right?

Well, allow me to ask you this...

  • Do you ever wonder how the gurus and big shots are able to constantly make sales on a daily basis almost effortlessly with paid traffic?
  • Does it never seem to "work for you"?
  • Do you feel like there’s always one piece of the puzzle missing?
Well, Here’s Your Chance to Change ALL that
and Hang with The Big Dogs!

With what I am offering you on this PAGE, you will DEFINITELY be able to put yourself in the EXACT SAME position as those gurus and leaders.

I am blowing the lid on this and revealing the "ancient" well kept secret the gurus don't want you to know.

No one has ever come CLOSE to giving this much quality when it comes to paid advertising. 

I am sharing with you today the VERY same traffic source guys like:

  • Russel Brunson  
  • Sam Ovens
  • ​Tai Lopez
  • ​Frank Kern
  • ​Neil Patel
  • ​Alex Becker
And many more are USING right now!

This is going to be a lifetime of satisfaction and don't you settle for inferior quality.
The WRONG way to do it
(FB ads + Traditional Solo Ads)

If you're generating leads on Facebook  (paid or free), listen up: 

The Zucker-geeks can ax your biz overnight.

They change regulations and Terms of service on a whim  
and they will ban you if you have anything to do with IM/MMO and Biz Opp. 

It's the same thing that happened with  Google Adwords in 2010. 

Back in 2008 Google Adwords was all the rage...

Everyone and their brother swore by the G-dawg...

Until Google realized they could be making 100X  more money if they focused on big fish clients like 
Samsung and Nokia who dropped a huge amount  of advertising dollars on vague ineffective ads because they needed a... 


They didn't track response...

They didn't care for CPCs and CPLs...

They just needed to burn cash "on paper"...  so they could get more of it next year from the board. 
Which meant, they paid 5X-10X more  money for the same traffic


My point:
History has a knack of repeating itself. 

And we're witnessing the carpet being pulled  from underneath us as we speak. 

If you rely on Facebook ads for leads,  paid or free, watch out... 

Because it will be over soon.

Instead... listen to me because thou has beneath  in the traffic space for a while... thou should focus 
on biz opp friendly Pay Per Click traffic source  that won't get you banned and that can't be monopolized by Google or Facebook. 

This is the way forward, and the way to keep scaling with huge amounts Of high converting traffic.  

The RIGHT Way To Do it
(Media Buying)

The key to online paid traffic (and being successful with it) is basically something called “media buying”  

It’s what the big boys do.

They hire people to negotiate deals for the hottest spots for online ad space.

Think online real estate.

There is a hot bit of land where people who want to start an online business will go through…

This hot piece of real estate goes up for auction, and of course everyone at auction is scrambling to make a bid to get this piece of land.. well because this is where the people who want to start an online business are going to be (the ones with money and serious buying power)

Whoever wins the bid get’s to rent that piece of land (web space) and put their capture page there for x amount of time.

Then you can flood your lists with all these brand new fresh leads

This is the exact process I use but with an INSANELY POWERFUL twist:

As explained in the video above, once I have hired my bit of real estate, then the next stop is, arguably the most crucial in this whole thing..

The warm up 30-day Email Sequence.

In this I train and educate these leads while also building a strong relationship with them.

I send them a mixture of training, articles, blog posts and videos to teach them exactly about how online marketing work and which is specifically designed to: 

✔ Pre-sell these leads on YOUR business opportunity.

✔ Educate and train these people so that when they see the right opportunity they ready to take action.

✔ Pre-qualify them as real buyers with access to cash resources. 

✔Get them in a state of mind where they are "ready to buy" and keen to take action.


Because this gets them in the state of mind known as “ready to buy” or “warm”  

It’s no good pitching offers to cold traffic, they have no idea what an automated system, online business or any of this works..

But once the leads have gone through my 30 day of emails they are now completely aware of the advantages of an online business, and know what to look out for.

For example things like done for you funnels and automated systems they are aware of them and looking for them..

At the time of writing this I have between 50,000 and 75,000 leads that have just come to the 30 day period..

So now they are ready to see a HOT new offer..

And there is absolutely NO reason why that can’t be yours.

There is literally no better time to take advantage of this offer.

Why is the time right now? 

The leads are literally ready with credit card in hand, having gone through 30 days and just looking for an opportunity to jump on, why can't it be yours?

They have already been PRE-SOLD on a business opportunity...this is INCREDIBLY powerful!! 

If you truly believe You have the best program, then you need these people to see it .

They now know who I am, and when i recommend something they listen and take it seriously .

…”Ok Jasz, This Sounds Great,
So Why Can’t I Just Do This Myself?”
  • Exclusive 
  • ​Need large ad budget
  • ​High rollers table
  • ​Relationships 
Why You NEED This For Your Business

Just imagine that you can click a button and instantly make money.

Using these leads and mailing to them by hitting the “send” button can make anywhere between $500 to $5000 dollars every time.

In fact:-

Thanks to the very same leads you have access to on this page, every single week I am able to deliver over 30,000 Clicks with clients offers...

And this means cash. Lots and lots of cash. For Them..And Now YOU! 
Leads. Email. Cash.

It really doesn't get any easier than this...

Imagine over 30,000 emails landing in inboxes every week promoting *your* affiliate link or offer

I know what you're thinking.. 

"Well, you have access to huge lists and I don't, so it won't work for me" 

Let me put your mind at ease RIGHT now...

Firstly, You Don't Need a Big List!
I have less than a few hundred super charged subscribers on my list..and thats ALL you need. 

These are the sort of subscribers that pay attention to everything you say, buy everything you promote and are serious action takers who realize they need to SPEND MONEY to make money...

In other words, these are buyers!!

I have had to find out the tough way, that sometimes less is more, and you don't need tens of thousands of leads.

You just need a handful of "super subscribers".

And you're about to have access to thse "super subscribers".

Which is awesome for you because it means...
You Can Get Your Hands On Your Very Own List Of Super-Charged Buyers Within A Few Hours Of Now! 
Karim Spent $100 to make back $250 instantly!

If he now spends $1,000 on his next ad campaign he is set to make $2,500 back…

And if he spends $10,000 then he will make $25,000!!!
That’s a pure profit of $15,000...from just ONE campaign.
Do you see how powerful this is..
Let’s take a look at another one
Simon made $199.50 instantly and a further potential $335 in recurring monthly income

From just an initial $500 investment!!  
These leads are SO responsive and HUNGRY to buy, they are even sending money in the mailbox for offers like Digital Income System and Club Cash Fund..

Have you ever seen anything like this before with email traffic?

The type of PROOF I'm showing you is unrivaled.
$370 on a DOUBLE OPT IN OFFER!!!..This is unheard of.

Here is some more…

No Other traffic source give you more quality than this, and at these prices, you will NOT find this type of traffic for under $1 per click... guaranteed!

I encourage you to compare the traffic yourself, you will know what we are offering here is the very best, hands down.
Here is what you are getting: 
  • First Access To 100% USA Buyer Leads, Who Are Pre-Framed And Ready To Buy. 
  • Leads That Are Fully Aware of what a good online business opportunity looks like and want to join one...and have the money to do so!
  • ​Leads with buying power (either cash or a credit card) and eager to start their own online business
  • ​A traffic source that is tested, proven and used by ALL the top industry experts.
  • ​Access to a traffic source that most marketers are missing out on...because they just don’t know how to use it! 
Don’t think, don't wonder, Just try this out.

In a matter of hours you will be able to truly get your online business kicking, create your own schedule, be your own boss, have more freedom and most importantly help others achieve their dreams by providing them with not only your offer but this traffic source..  

Just imagine if you hit it big next week? Or Next month?

How would you feel with an extra $10,000 in your account, What about an extra $100k, .. 
Or why not $1 Million?

If you are spending $100 and making back $150, then all you gotta do is increase your ad budget..!
Whatever your decision is, I wish you best of luck in whatever you do in life..

But remember this.

If you leave this page, I guarantee someone else will take your spot...and potentially forcing you to keep working at your dead end job.

Order your package right now, and allow us to help you make money as early as today and enjoy the life of your dreams!

You have to remember, the big gurus an leaders all over the world are making an absolute FORTUNE using this exact traffic source, isn’t it time you did too?
“So, How Much Will This Cost Me Jasz?”

I am sure by now, you can see just how valuable these super subscribers can be for your business..

Just imagine for a moment how much time, effort and MONEY it would cost you to figure this stuff out for yourself…

Finding the correct media, setting up campaigns, investing the capital for the bidding process, and then warming up the leads so they are ready to buy..

This is not an easy thing to do, but I have done it to make sure you get the very best results.
Another thing I really want you to ask yourself is this:

“Not how much it will cost you to get these leads, but how much it will actually cost you to NOT take action right now”..

Can you really afford to miss out on something like this?

On the very best, and high converting leads right at the stage they are to start buying..  

Anyway so when I asked my close friends about this they said I could easily charge as much as $1.50 per click, and that’s true.

There are other premium media companies that are charging way beyond the $1.50 mark and people are happy and prepared to pay it.

But I am not going to charge you $1.50 per click.

As always, I do my best on pricing because I like to invest in long term results and I know when you run your campaigns the feedback and results will lead to long-term relationships.

So the prices are actually not even $1 per click…

It’s not even $0.80. Per click.

You can, today, get your hands on the highest converting traffic on the internet for just..
$0.72/ per click

This is more than 50% cheaper than what the experts recommend pricing this at.

Go ahead and place your order below:

There are only 100,000 Clicks Available For The Rest Of The Month.
So Order Now! Or You Will Go Back On The Waiting List!!
200 Premium Clicks @ $220
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
300 Premium Clicks [Recommended Minimum]
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
500 Premium Clicks @ $497
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
700 Premium Clicks @ $650
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
1,000 Premium Clicks @ $900
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
2,000 Premium Clicks @ $1750
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
5,000 Premium Clicks @ $4250
  • Pre-Warm: This traffic is warmed and ready to BUY!
  •  Proven Buyers: These leads have the MONEY to invest in biz opps!
  • Fresh: These leads are not on any OTHER lists, they are fresh and ENGAGED!
P.S- Please don’t put this off; every minute that passes drastically increase the chance of your slot being taken by another individual .

P.P.S- Remember this isn't the same old “traffic” you have seen before.. you've just seen me PROVE this method INSTANTLY generates tons of buyer traffic that will stuff your accounts with profits!

P.P.P.S- Remember that there are LIMITED slots available for the rest of this month, so grab as much of this supercharged traffic as you possibly can!
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